Meet Sarah Kassabian

Originally from Oklahoma City, Sarah Kassabian moved to DC from Atlanta when her fiancé, Jim, started a new job. Since then, she has fallen in love with the city and discovered her calling in real estate. After working in Atlanta politics and consulting, Sarah realized she needed more purpose-driven work. When she bought her first home with an agent from the Mandy & David Team, Sarah knew that real estate was just what she was looking for. In her previous work, Sarah honed her meticulous attention to detail, which helps her find the perfect home or the perfect buyer for her clients, and learned about the importance of relationships, which she uses to truly understand her clients’ unique needs.

A true people person who developed her diplomatic skills in politics, Sarah knows when subtlety is the best tack to achieve her client’s goals and when to be a Pitbull to get the job done. Sarah believes in the importance of community, and she loves being able to enrich her own community through her real estate work. Sarah is an avid foodie, and she and her fiancé enjoy taking advantage of DC’s extensive restaurant scene. On Fridays, you’ll find Sarah glued to NBA basketball games, always cheering for her hometown Oklahoma City Thunder. She has been an equestrian for 15 years, received her bachelor’s in sociology from Emory University and recently finished her master’s in emergency management and homeland security from Arizona State.