Meet Brayanth

Originally from Venezuela, Brayanth Guidicelli moved to DC in 2017. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit and genuine curiosity to his real estate practice and prides himself on getting to know his clients on a deeper personal level. When he helps someone buy a house,Brayanth knows that he is helping them build equity and establish their financial security. He is a meticulous and efficient realtor, with a keen interest in the financial aspects and benefits of real estate. Brayanth excels at managing all the details of any project, whether professional or recreational: He previously started his own soccer team from the ground up, from finding sponsors and raising funds to recruiting a coach. In his spare time, Brayanth loves fitness, wellbeing and personal growth, psychology, and reading. He lives with his Alaskan Malamute, Evie, and still plays soccer with his old teammates.